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Westfield London Ariel Way

Who is Westfield?
Westfield is the largest listed retail property company globally. Westfield London opened in 2008 and extended Shepherd’s Bush town centre, providing shops, restaurants, leisure, offices, housing, a library and significant new transport facilities. Westfield London has created over 8,000 jobs in west London.

How do the plans fit in with the White City Opportunity Area?
The site forms part of the White City Opportunity Area and could further extend the metropolitan town centre of Shepherd’s Bush. Westfield’s plans reflect the vision of the Opportunity Area Planning Framework to create ‘a vibrant, stimulating and high quality environment where people want to live, work, shop and spend their leisure time’.

Are the plans linked to the existing Westfield shopping centre?
In part, the plans form an extension to Westfield London to link the existing shopping centre with the new retail and residential spaces. However, this is a separate project that has emerged out of the White City Opportunity Area vision. One of the great advantages of our proposals is to provide improved links between the expanded town centre and the surrounding area by creating new and attractive pedestrian routes.

What types of jobs will be created?
The scheme will create over 6,700 new full-time equivalent jobs in a range of roles, in the retail and leisure sectors and during construction. There will also be a significant number of jobs created during construction. Westfield will work closely with the community and Hammersmith & Fulham Council to ensure appropriate training is put in place to maximise opportunities for local people.

How are you going to ensure local people have greater employment opportunities in the Westfield retail expansion?
During the development of Westfield London, Westfield worked with Hammersmith and Fulham Council to create the 'WorkZone' (previously known as White City Works) which helped connect retailers seeking employees with local people looking for jobs. Westfield is committed to continuing and strengthening the WorkZone offer to help many more local people become job-ready by accessing the right training and employment. For more information, please visit www.workzoneonline.co.uk

What types of new shops will there be?
The plans are at an early stage of development, however we are proposing to create a new department store and a range of ‘high street’ and fashion shops.

What types of homes will be provided?
The plans include the creation of approximately 1,522 new homes, including affordable homes.

What else will be provided?
The development will create a range of new public spaces including a new civic square. We would welcome local residents’ views on what leisure and community uses are wanted.

When will construction begin?
Westfield submitted an outline planning application to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in August 2011. The plans were revised in December as a result of further feedback from the GLA and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham If planning permission is granted, construction is unlikely to begin before 2014.

What provisions will there be for cyclists?
As well as improving the transport links and accessibility to the area, it was recently announced that Westfield has contributed funds to the Mayor of London's Cycle Hire scheme which will be extending west to Westfield London for visitors and residents to use.

When will the proposed houses be available for purchase, and for how much?
Construction on the site is not expected to begin until at least 2014. Therefore it will be a number of years before the number, type and price of housing will be available.