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White City Opportunity Area: Masterplan

Westfield London Aerial view

The vision for Silver Street is one of an active, new pedestrian amenity that features a mix of uses, such as new shops, cafés and GP/dental surgeries, helping to establish a civic atmosphere with active street frontages. Silver Street will be a key north-south connection through the site and will include stairs with adjacent lifts to maximise accessibility. Soft landscaping, open space and public art can be used to further enhance the visual amenity of the street.

Relay Square will take the form of a new public square set against the backdrop of the Grade II listed DIMCO buildings. Active frontages featuring shops, cafés and community facilities will help to establish this as a principal new community space. The centre of the square could be used for a mix of temporary or permanent uses, the details of which will be determined at the reserved matters stage.

The Ariel Walk pedestrian route connects neighbourhoods on the east and west side of the development. It also serves as a main point of access for pedestrians approaching the shopping centre and residential buildings on the plinth from the bus station and nearby Wood Lane and White City Underground stations. The route is defined by stairs, flanked on either side by escalators and passenger lifts. At the eastern entrance to Ariel Walk, a 'pocket park' will provide an additional new green space for the community.